Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of My Life

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For an event so dramatic in my life, I still find it strange that I only vaguely remember it, especially because I could have lost my life that day. But I do recall that it was a clear, sunny day in one of the warmer months of 2011, and that I was still an energetic, ever-enthusiastic 10-year-old, much like an obnoxious, but adorable puppy. That day, I ventured to the beach at the aptly-named city of Oceanside, California with Carleigh, my 5-year-old little sister, and our dear old mother. She and I had been psyching ourselves up all week long before we left. What excited my sister was merely the chance to play with the family friends we were destined to meet up with, but I couldn’t wait to catch a ride the waves with my brand-new boogie board. As with most of the trips we went on when I was young, we took the old, resilient family SUV, a 2001 Toyota Sequoia. The SUV had all the space we could possibly need for wherever we went, and I’d been riding it all my life. All the lovely stains and smells we’d grown accustomed to over the years had become woven into the material of our beloved vehicle. It felt like ‘home on the go’ for me at that time.
Once we had all buckled ourselves in and were assured there was nothing we neglected to pack, we took off towards the coast.
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Like before, I saw nothing but turquoise ripples for the first few moments, but I remember seeing sand and a short, stocky shadow of my savior. My eyes widened in realization, it had been Trina. I didn’t know her very well, yet she was the one who saved me! Shock was all I felt, and continued to feel. My surroundings and emotions lacked definition. She let me go once she was at our umbrella and I shakily walked over to an empty camp chair beside my mother. Trina said that the riptide had pulled me under, and, though I should have been awed, all I could muster was a blank

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