Personal Narrative: The Day I Get My First Car

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One of the most important days in my short 17 year old life is the day I got my first car. Before owning a car I had to barrow my parents’ cars to go anywhere. My parents only had two useable cars, they were usually used by them every day, therefore I had no means of self-transportation to school, to CPCC, or to see friends. This was very inconvenient for me and my family. As the days progressed it became more obvious that this was a serious problem. So my parents and I went out to seek a car to buy.

It was a peaceful Saturday (two days prior to getting the car) when I was dragged to the car dealership to look at cars. Uninterested, I looked through the array of various automobiles quickly and made hasty remarks as to why each of them
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Every day after I wake up and prepare for the day, I drive my car somewhere. Whether it be to school, to run an errand, to get food, or to see a friend I am driving that car. I no longer need to rely on my parents to take me places, I now have my own means of transportation and can go anywhere on my own. The car and all its luxury help me stay safe each day. The stress relief from the car keeps me sane as I work through school and college. There is a new sense of responsibility over me to wash it, to gas it, to maintain it, to keep the insides clean, and more. When it gets dirty, I clean it really fast to preserve the new car feeling and to keep it from looking trashed out. When I have guests riding with me in my car I most certainly don’t want them to see a cluttered pile of trash collected in the cabin.

My majestic red mechanical beast or so called car is a pleasant reminder of how hard work pays off in the long run. The mere thought of it motivates me to work harder and to study harder. This motivation reflected in my grades quickly. It encourages me to wake up earlier each day and to start every day off with a bright outlook and to keep it energized. My hard work has enabled me to achieve the grades I need to attend CPCC’s dual enrolment program and to apply to the college of my

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