Personal Narrative Essay: The Amusement Park

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A dry January afternoon heated the milk pan in a nearby tea stall. Its owner, an old man in his sixties, looked on at the woman walking by with his lips pressed to the stained tea glass. She was barely five feet and had a sea shell in her leather purse tucked on her left hip. Her hair resembled stiff analogue signals, and her tiny feet called to mind two silent bells constantly in a battle. The city council had declared a holiday due to the scorching heat waves that were being carried from the West. Parks and saloons were empty, the restaurants closed for two weeks now. The only business open was the tea stall. And its owner the only customer.

Jaybirds migrated over the sky at the beginning of the year. Children used to laugh looking at the strange patterns the birds made when they came together. An acrobatic feat well worthy of a place in history. The Amusement Park, once very amusing, beamed with Japanese lanterns, and roller coasters and Frankenstein-themed
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Stars, three centimetres wide on the retina, shined akin to rubies under water. Faeries and mermaids swam beneath the world, planting placards of their whereabouts on the surface. Only the damned and the uncared cared to look at them. Radio waves and particle accelerators, gathering dust as we speak, shut us off from its various secrets. Cigarette butts regenerated like nails from underneath the ground, surely a sign of the Incoming.

Bibles were being read to explain these rather strange occurrences, to find a lost spell that would restore peace to the land. But the children knew that this was no time for praying. That it was already too late for repenting and restoring. All the sea shells were taken by vagabonds, extinct creatures and wrongly-convicted inmates. The only thing yet to start was the show itself. In hopes of any cancellation, the people of the world took a step back and sipped the present like there was no

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