Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To Chicago

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A Trip to Chicago
Who would of thought that Chicago experienced the four seasons. Since I live in Miami, Florida we don’t experience the four seasons, so when I saw the colorful leaves for the first time I was in shocked because I’ve never seen that in my life. On Thursday October 19th, 2017 taking a trip to Chicago with my family was fascinating because we flew on an airplane across the United States, got to see my brother Christopher graduate from the Navy, and we took a tour around the beautiful city of Chicago.
First of all, taking a spontaneous flight to Chicago for the next three days was nerve racking because we had booked the flight without knowing if my brother had passed his final test from boot camp. We took a huge chance going to a state where we had no clue what it was like, who the people were and where we need to go. Mind you, I haven’t been on an airplane in over six years now, so getting on an airplane felt scary. I would say the least of my favorite things about being on an airplane to Chicago was the takeoff and landing because they say those are the two most crucial points on the flight. Experienced a few turbulences here and there as we traveled across
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We decided to have breakfast at IHOP with Christopher to spend time with him before we had to report back to the airport for our air flight. It was nice hearing my brother tell us about his experience during those three months he was away. All the exams he had to take, and he even told us he “finally” learned how to study which was funny because my brother never liked to study while he was in school. Time flew by, and we all knew that it was time to take my brother back to base and say goodbyes. It honestly wasn’t easy because the house has been feeling a bit empty since my brother left but we all knew that he is taking control of his own

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