Personal Narrative Essay: Suspenseful Summer Day

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Suspenseful Summer Day

It’s like you’re just staring at a picture, but instead of it being on photo-paper it’s taking place right in front of you. You almost feel like a ghost in a stand still because all you could do is look. Your ears are turned off for a moment then switches back on as you fade from the blackout. That’s how anxiety feels, but not every moment of it is something bad because it could be a sign of change for the better.

I remember this day starting off like any other one: woke up, got dressed, did my chores, and went straight to the backyard to play. That summer felt hot and humid outside which limited what I could do in the day. Being only nine-years-old, I decided to kick a ball back and forth along the
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How was I supposed to act being that age that I was? It’s suspenseful and you want to be the hero, but it feels different in real life. It’s almost as if you’re frozen; it had made my face pale and emotionless. Vanessa had then told me to crawl to the room and hide. Although, as I started to walk backwards towards back bedroom, I stared at the man in my doorway, but it was like I haven’t moved an inch. My level of anxiety grew, and I felt as if I blacked out. Next thing you know I was in the bedroom on the other side of the house with my other sister, Anabelle. We were still both young to understand the situation and confused and what to do. So, we sat waited for the …show more content…
What if something were to happen to one of my family members? What if he comes inside? Questions like these raced through my mind as the minutes clocked by so slow. My eyes spilled out water to my cheeks because I was so scared and trembling. I was only the nine-years-old, so what was I supposed to do? In my generation as a kid we didn’t have cellphones until the age of thirteen. I wished that my dad was there at home. He would’ve known what to do. The more I thought about the situation the less I paid attention to other things around me. Anabelle was right next to me in the room, and just as scared as I was. Instead of focusing on me I switched my perspective to her and tried to make things seem alright. It was the only thing I could do to

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