Personal Narrative: Suddenly I Became Me

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Suddenly I Became Me Memories are something that everyone cherishes. I cherish my memories because they remind me of whom I was and where I came from. Those memories show me when I started to become me. I started to develop key features of who I was at a young age. I was not going to wear a dress, I was going to play in the mud, and my best friend would not always be nice. My mom will tell anyone how hardheaded I can be, and I can agree to that. I can do so, because my earliest memory is assuring my mom, “I did not need to wear a dress because dresses are for girls, and I am not a girl. I am a tomboy, and boys do not wear dresses.” Thanks to my uncle Justin for teaching me that I was a tomboy. The dress that I was refusing to wear to church …show more content…
I was playing outside when I managed to find a hole in the yard. The hole was not much bigger than my hand, but it was enough to spark an idea. I ran over to the porch and grabbed my little plastic shovel. I proceed to dig a bigger hole until I was satisfied that it was big enough to put both feet in. I ran over to the water hose and dragged it to my hole. I ran to turn on the water, and raced back to watch the water fill the hole that I had just dug. I turned the water off when I was pleased with the amount of water that was in the hole. I placed both feet in the ground, and started mixing my concoction until it was the perfect consistency. I then snuck into my grandparents’ house and got down some bowls from the cabinet. I hurried back outside and began filling the bowls with my mixture. I sat them aside so that the sun could bake them. I then lathered myself with the mud and chased the dogs around the house because I wanted them to wear the mud sunscreen I had just put on myself. Once Mamaw came into the kitchen, and saw the little footprints of mud leading to her good bowls she knew that I was up to no good. She came outside and saw my wonderful mud pies baking away, and me chasing the dogs with mud falling from both hands. She did not appreciate me using her bowls for my mud pies, digging a hole in front yard, or chasing the dogs around with

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