Snow Fall Descriptive Writing

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Snow Fall
The snow fell gracefully onto the ground flake by flake. As my family packed each bag into the car until they pressed tightly against the rear hatch, I tilted my head back towards the sun attempting to catch each fraill flake with my tongue. My entire family piled into the car slowly as I continued to stand motionless in the snow. Finally, forty minutes later when every mitten and hat had managed to make its way into the car, summoned by my parents who were anxious to get home, I slid into the car. Wiped out from the long weekend of skiing in Wisconsin, my entire family sat silently in their seats. The snow spattered down onto the windshield of the car. I watched the the wiper sweep the snow off the window. I looked outside only to see a swirl of white. My eyes locked onto each individual
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Seriously, is everyone okay?” As my dad responded, I could hear the sorrow in his voice. Our car motor sputtered off and the car grew cold. Feeling tired and overwhelmed, tears slowly fell down my face. A police officer stopped to check on us and said a tow truck would arrive shortly. Apparently, there were numerous cars in the ditch all along the highway.
Our family sat and shivered as we waited for a tow truck to make its way to our location. An hour went by without any sight of the tow truck. Two more cars had drifted into the ditch and sat sinking next to us. Trucks continued to pass our location and each time my hopes sprung up thinking it was the truck coming to rescue us. Finally, a grey truck with spinning red lights slowed down next to the ditch. At last, someone to our rescue! My sister and I were ordered to go wait in the tow truck. Unaware of the fact I would be sitting in the cold for hours, I had changed into my pink Merrills. Snow seeped into my little shoes as I trudged towards the truck. My sister and I finally settled into the warm truck and watched in the rear view mirror as the truck struggled to pull our large SUV out of the

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