Personal Narrative Essay: Save Animals

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Let’s save some animals
One day me and my friend Griffin were walking down the street to the grocery store. When we were walking i heard something and i asked Griffin “Hey did you hear that” and she said “no” so we decided to look around then i heard it again but this time it was louder, but i still could not find where the sound was coming from, then i saw it it was orange and yellow and white and it was in some of the bushes. When i looked harder i saw a face some ears and a cute tail, so i called Griffen over to look at it to. “We should move some of the bushes so we can see the orange, yellow, and white thing” said Griffin so we did and then we saw all of it. The orange, yellow, and white thing turned out to be a kitten that got stuck
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When we tried to help the kitten get out it would just make a little hissing noise but we did not care we just had to get the kitten out. We only had one paw left when the kitten started to purr at us it was kind of like she was saying “thank you” to us. While Griffin was trying to get the kittens paw out i went into the store and bought some kitten milk, food for the kitten, and some toys that she could play with, a little bed, and two bowls, the stuff that my mom had us go and get, and last but not least the dog food. When i went back outside the kitten was free and Griffin had her in her hands trying to warm her up. When we got home with the kitten and all of the groceries Brave (mine and Griffins dog) came up to us and tried to see what we had in our hand, when he saw that we had a kitten he was not scare and neither was the kitten so we put the kitten down on the ground to see if she would react to Brave trying to sniff her. About two minutes later the two of them were sleeping on Brave’s bed and snuggled up, so while the kitten was sleeping me and Griffin could get all the stuff out of the bags and put the stuff where they needed to be. After that we went to the computer and started to print flyers if anyone was missing a cat that they should

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