Personal Narrative Essay : Personal Warming

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My sister and I fought about something stupid, exactly how we always did, but somehow this argument turned into something more, and we ended up not talking for the rest of the week. She hated me, I knew, and growing up I was proud of the sibling rivalry we had, but these days, I was tired of it. The arguing, the yelling, even the eyerolls I gave her sometimes; it was just something I didn’t want anymore.
I’m not even sure how the drift between us happened, but there was a continent the size of Pangea between her and I, and there was no way for me to fix it. Five and a half days of not saying a word to each other later, I left to sleep over at my friend’s house for the weekend. Being with them cheered my spirits up a bit, but the lingering sadness was still floating around my head like a billowing black cloud. My friend’s house was big, painted a creamy brown color, her house smelt of pies, and the turkey burgers she ate the morning of. Her dogs energetically greeted me when I walked through the door, and I quickly petted them before picking up her gray cat. The other girls there gave me a hug, and we all stomped up the stairs into her bedroom. Maya, Darby, Kerry, and Ellie were all there, or as we like to call it, “the gang”. It was almost dark outside, so we decided to hop into her pool, and swim for a bit playing marco-polo. After me convincing them all that if we don’t go back inside that we would get hypothermia, we piled back into her bedroom, changed, then went

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