Personal Narrative Essay: Once A Greenwave Always A Greenwave

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"Once a Greenwave Always a Greenwave"
The loss that shook the city, the death of Thomas "Cricket" Smith. A soul gone way too soon. On January 13, 2017, Thomas Smith ran his car into a tree after trying to race to Cook Out. It was a sudden and unexpected event that I was definitely not prepared for. It went from seeing him at the game, to seeing his car smashed around the tree, up to finally laying him to rest, the death of a classmate forever altered my life It was the night we have all been waiting for, Ashbrook vs. Huss basketball game. This one was home for us so it was at Ashbrook. I sat in our student section called "Zoo Crew" right on the front row with the rest of the seniors. Ironically our theme for the night was thrasher so we wore
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Thomas and three of his friends decided they wanted to race to cookout down a main road that was not typically busy at night. In one car there was Thomas and Cameron and in the other was Jabreeze and Ishaun. Halfway through the race, Jabreeze was pulled over. Before the cop could even get up to Jabreeze's car, another car was trying to pull out of a side street. Thomas swerved to miss the car but was going too fast and ended up wrapping his Mustang around a tree. He died instantly, there were pieces of his car spread out all across the road and grass. I was driving past the road when it happened and could hear Cameron screaming for help. I turned down the road to see what was going on and there was his car, all smashed up wrapped around the tree. Cameron wore his seatbelt and was able to survive the wreck but it took him three months to be able to walk again and will probably never play football in his …show more content…
I was on my way home from CookOut when I got the call saying he was dead. My heart dropped and I swore they were lying and that he was fine and probably just playing a cruel joke. When I got home and started to scroll down Twitter and kept seeing "RIP Crick" or "Long Live Thomas" I felt my heart break and began to cry. I remember when we had American History II together and our class talked about the dangers of street racing and how it could kill you. His death had a huge impact not only on me but the whole city. He was one of the nicest, most dedicated, and loving people I

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