Personal Narrative Essay On Ice Skating

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Ice Skating

And that’s how I broke my leg, just kidding, but I bruised it really badly, here’s the story behind that. was December 2014, my sister had discovered the “joy” of ice skating and was obsessed with it. She constantly asked my parents if her and her friends could go ice skating at the arena. I had never gone ice skating before and asked her one day if I could go with her and her friend Lucy.

We got in the car to go pick up Lucy with the usual silence the whole ride. When we arrived at her house she came out the door of her house looking excited and I could tell she loves ice skating as much as my sister does.

She jumped in the car and her and my sister started chatting immediately. Everyone was excited. My dad had given my sister $30 to pay for skates and
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we finished that and I sat out for a bit until I decided to get back on the rink. It was way crowded by now and there were professionals in the center of the rink. I slowly started making my way onto the rink again, and holding onto the wall while I slid a little faster that before, that was a bad idea.

There were people everywhere that I constantly had to dodge, and ended up falling more times than I can count. I had finally done another lap, and my legs hurt so bad. I went out onto the ice again and started getting the hang of it, at least I thought I did, in the first 10 seconds I face planted on the ice.

Somebody that worked at the rink offered to help me up, but I refused, I get angry easily, so many things are hard for me. I got up and went to exit the rink, I was done with ice skating, forever. I never wanted to go ice skating ever again. I went and sat on a bench to start getting my skates off and went back to the main area of the building.

My sister and her friend came to meet me back in the main area and we returned our skates. We called our dad and he came to pick us up. My legs were bruised for the next

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