Personal Narrative Essay On Hockey: The Importance Of Hockey

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On a gloomy afternoon, little droplets of water washed over the field. The same day, soccer tryouts commenced and the field flocked with eager students anticipating a spot on the team. Standing on the sideline was the coach observing the games, each game consisted of individual talents split up into mock teams. To my surprise, the team I was placed on contained the fastest and most skillful players. Progressing through the game was an easy stomp of 2-0, prior to the halftime mark, the coach ushered me over making me wonder… and before I knew it, he swapped me over to the other team. For some reason that just made the game more enticing. From there on out, was when the adrenaline built up, at first it was essential to organize the team as they, no… we, were trailing. In turn, the first goal was the best, it was a ray of hope opening new doors for strategies. One mistake after another led me to a sprint down the field, all I remember was the mortified look on the goalie, of course he had the right to be, and seconds later was another goal. Just knowing …show more content…
Let’s face it, it is undoubtedly one of the sports any Canadian should be natural with or at least know about. This stays true in my family, ironically no one can skate, but we do enjoy the presence of hockey displaying on the television. For reasons I am skeptical on, it was not until recently that I got back into skating, as I did so in the past but completely stopped. As of now, I am partaking in programs to adjust my responses to the ice and polish up my ability to skate. Particularly, the ice in contact with the blades of my skates is riveting and every breath is filled with the sheer cold of frost. In addition, there are skaters gliding around coming to erupting stops and performing various acts which in turn create various rippling sounds. All things considered, being able to overlook the fact that once in a while I may fall and bruise, the overall experience on learning a new activity is

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