Personal Narrative: My Trip To Iraq

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My Trip to Iraq We’ve all heard the saying the journey is worth more than the destination, but is it really though? From the past experience, I can assure you that that’s not always the case. My last trip to Iraq was very unreal, in a bad and good way. The trip, or the “journey” there, was one of the most tiring trips I ever had. So it all started off when my parents Enas Dkhan and Rasoul Hassan decided that we go to Iraq during summer break that year. They bought the tickets in January and decided to leave on May 21st, right after school ended. My mom, dad, my sister Hawraa, and I were all going together. My Aunt Rawaa and her son Jafar also were coming with us. My Aunt Rawaa’s family is really close with my family so I was very excited. …show more content…
The rest was a blur. We ran and got our bags checked as fast as we could. We were all literally running trying to catch the plane. But sadly, just before we reached the security check, the plane left. We were all very discouraged and were all trying to think of a second plan. We couldn’t think of anything so we ended up talking to the airport security who transferred us to the representatives for Emirates Airlines because they were the airlines that we were supposed to be traveling with. They told us that we would just have to keep in touch with them to see which next flight had space to take us to Dubai. We had all thought that we would leave the next day and it was around 3 A.M. at the time and we had no idea on what to do so just waited at the airport. My mom and my aunt went and got us pizza from the only restaurant that was open. It was very odd because it was a Marriott Restaurant apparently a chain from the Marriot Hotels. They left us with my dad. My sister Hawraa, Jafar, and I were also very worried but we ended up running all around the airport. We couldn’t fall asleep because we didn’t know what would happen next. We were scared so we just went around and around the airport which was weirdly empty considering the fact that it is an international airport. I still remember where everything was in the airport from that

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