Personal Narrative Essay: My Role Model In My Life

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Allexandra Yvonne Paloni. A beautiful 25 year old with long red brown hair with slight waves in them, who happened to be my sister. I would like to say that I am lucky to have her in my life, but I feel as if that would be an understatement. She is the most amazing person I could have ever asked for, she has pushed me through my toughest moments and without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. When I was first born, my brother and sister were not very accepting of me. They constantly pulled the whole “You’re adopted,” joke and one time… they even pushed me into the toilet as I was brushing my teeth! But as I had gotten older, the more we bonded. With an intriguing personality, she is strong willed, beautiful, funny, and smart. Aiming to become successful with a family just like her one day is exactly the kind of role model I had always wanted and I am glad that it is to be my sister.

My sister and I, through the last 20 years, have only gotten in one argument. It was back when she was pregnant, and oh man do I mean pregnant. People swore she was having twins
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My life goal is to be a cop, and although she is no Olivia Benson (my second role model) she inspires me to reach my life goal. I watched my sister go through an immense amount of struggles before she finally gathered her life together. The things she went through, I think most people would have given up not even half way through. She is a warrior in my eyes, and that is why she inspires me to become a detective. You don’t have to be a rich or famous person to be a role model. It can be anyone. I chose Allexandra because she doesn’t need fame or money to be noticed by anyone. People have always noticed her no matter how she looked. Her bright blue eyes could catch anyones attention, and her red hair is

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