Personal Narrative Essay: My Passion For Education

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I am a 16 year old female growing up in Englewood, New Jersey. I enjoy programing, creative writing, and music. I spend a lot of time listening and playing music. I play the drums and I also enjoy singing. I have spent a lot of time doing community service and working around the school and the library.

Starting at an early age I realized that I have a passion for learning, beginning in Kindergarten, at Englewood On the Palisades a Charter School. My teacher, asked me could I spell, write my name, she also wanted me to recite my ABC’s and count to 10. I replied yes I can. As I begin to respond to her request I counted to one hundred without any hesitation. The teacher was amazed. I remained there until the 1st grade. met and made a lot of friends in part to the
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October, 2008 I lost my grandmother, she was my shining star and strength she taught about self respect, I loved her so much. November, 2010, I lost my Aunt, (who was my Godmother), Words can never describe our relationship. She taught me courage, honor and to never give up on my dream or goal. January,2012, I lost my father who was my rock, strength, my guide, my friend. He taught me everything about life, he said, let no one tell you that you can’t do what you are determined to do. October 2013, I lost my favorite and beloved uncle, he had so faith and confidence in that I will succeed. He taught me to believe in myself, he said this is your future. I had such a great loss at a young age all within a six-year span. I am a survivor, this wasn’t an easy challenge to accept, this is my life journey. I can only imagine what my mother must be going though. My mother is one of the strongest individuals that I know, these individuals are: her mother, sister, brother and husband I do not know how she is still standing. The faith, courage and strength that she has is

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