Personal Narrative Essay: My Mother In Law And Mother-In Life

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When I was a child, I used to see my mother crying every time as she watched the dramatic movies about mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. I did not know why she cried a lot. I just felt funny when I glanced at her tear-full-face because her face as crying looked so ugly. Until I grew up, get married, and living together with my husband’s family, I understood her feel at that time. She was treated very bad as she lived together with her husband’s family, and I also. I had the heartbroken experience with my mother-in-law in the past till now I never forget.
I, along with my intimate girlfriend, moved to SaiGon and rent a small room in District 1. There, I met him, who is presently my husband, and we loved at the first sight. He owned a house
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You do not know how I was exceedingly nervous and happy. However, the best everything in my mind as thinking of her collapsed. The first time I saw her was the first time I felt a sadness throughout her look, gestures, and the way she treat me when she came home and lived together with us. One day, she went out with her friends and drank a lot till midnight she went home, and then, she brought all the clothes to wash. At that time, we did not have a washing machine, so we wash by hands. She wanted to wash the clothes in a state of drinking at midnight. I could not imagine what would be going on after. My boyfriend and I prevented her. Thus, she had a chance to yell out abuses me. She said that her son was attractive by me, that he did not obey he anymore, that I was an evil person. I was really tired. I wondered why she treat me like that, even I did not do anything wrong, but I knew she was jealous of me because she thought that her son love me more than her, that he stayed with me more than her. She was afraid that he would leave her alone, and he would not go together with her to America where his whole family has been living. She did not know every time he stayed with me was every time she drank. He told me he hated to stay with his mom as she drank because she was very talkative. “Baby, did you eat yet?” just a sentence was repeated nonstop from her. Yet, She used to …show more content…
He had noticed his family before a year, but instead of going back Vietnam earlier to prepare a complete wedding, she turned home before the wedding only two days, not enough time to prepare everything necessary for the wedding. I had wished our wedding would be celebrated successful. However, my wish did not come true. Our wedding happened very badly. Nothing was happy. After the wedding ceremony between two families finished at 1 pm. We had more five hours to make up and dress up. My husband and I had done everything before an hour, but his mom had not still done yet. My husband urged her to be hurry up because we must come to the hotel before 6 pm to welcome our guests. Twenty minutes later, she came in a hurry. My husband grumbled her, and she blamed me immediately. I was unexpected she accused me in an evident truth. I just kept silent and sighed. Finally, we also came to the hotel in time. In the wedding party, my husband drank wine and beer a lot so that he could not stand steady on his legs, and then, he fell down on the floor. The guests and my mother-in-law ran out to watch what was going on with him. When she saw him lie at full length, along with a mass of vomit from his mouth on the floor, she cried and yelled through tears. She pointed her finger at my face and reviled me before my whole family and the guests. She

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