Personal Narrative: How She Changed My Life

Baylee Baxter
Mrs. Mahannah
English 110
8 November 2017
She´s a listener and a doer. She is a woman driven by compassion, by faith, and a heart full of love. She is the one person, outside of my family members, who has always believed in my abilities. She taught me to persevere in all I do. She taught me that no matter how many times I fall down, I will always get back up. When I was just three years old, I began taking tumbling classes. My sister, who is seven years older than me, had been in tumbling classes for what seemed my whole life. I walked into Audrey Rocke´s basement, otherwise known as Countryside Tumbling, eager to show off the cart-wheels I had been doing around the house. However, walking into the basement of Countryside Tumbling, I had no idea a person I met that day would make an impact on me for
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Shelby helped me prepare so I would feel confident on the big day. The next day, results of who made each squad were online. I found that I had made the football team, but not basketball cheerleading. I was devastated, as many of my friends had made basketball. I shared my feelings with Shelby, who assured me that everything would be all right. She, too, had not made basketball cheerleading her freshman year at Eureka. She used this news to push me even harder. I spent a lot of time in the gym with her training for high school cheerleading.
In April of my eighth grade year, My mom received a phone call from Shelby. She was in a state of worry, as she explained to my mom that a cheerleader on one of her all-star cheer teams she coached was unexpectedly moving to Japan, and could not compete in the upcoming Nationals competition with her team. She said that I was the first girl who came to her mind when she found out, and wondered if I wanted to travel to Chicago with her team to compete in Nationals. She believed in me. She knew how much potential I had, and she gave me a

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