Personal Narrative Essay: My Most Eventful Hunt

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My Most Eventful Hunt
It was a chilly December morning. I had been waiting on this day for what seemed like forever. Dad had promised me at the beginning of deer season I would be able to hunt by myself after my birthday. Today was that day. Eagerness and anxiety filled my mind as I packed my bag into the back of the truck. Little did I know I would hunt by myself and kill the biggest buck of my life!
First thing in the morning we loaded our hunting gear into the truck and my dog, Cletus into the back. I buckled my seat belt as we pulled out of the driveway. The drive to Port Gibson was only two hours, but the excitement made it feel like all day. We finally arrived at deer camp after what seemed like an eternity. While Dad went to unlock
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He always did this even when we hunted together. Once I got settled, he proceeded to give me a long speech on safety. I just listened and said yes sir. Even if it was stuff that I already knew, like make sure the gun was on safety. Finally he started back down the ladder to ride to his stand that we called Judge’s. Dad wasn’t even gone for five minutes when I heard some racket in the woods behind me. I slowly turned my head careful not to make any sudden movements to see what was making the noise. A large doe was walking slowly out into my green field. My heart rate increased as I eased my gun out of the window. I went over what Dad told me. Breathe slowly and gently squeeze the trigger, BOOM the gun went off. I tried to look through the smoke as it cleared to see where she went and then I saw her on the edge of the green field. I was ecstatic; I had successfully killed my first deer hunting …show more content…
I thought the hunt was over, so after a couple more minutes I decided I would just take a nap till it got dark in the field. I kicked back in the chair and my eyes started to get heavy. I shivered a little as I woke up because the temperature had definitely dropped. Blinking the sleep out of my eyes, I slid back up in the chair, looked out the window and I froze. All I could see was Horns! This was no doubt the biggest buck I had ever seen. I tried to ease my gun out the window, which was nearly impossible because I had buck fever so bad. For the second time that day I squeezed the trigger and BOOM the gun went off. I looked for the deer and didn’t see anything. I couldn’t believe it; tears almost came to my eyes. It was pitch black dark when Dad finally came to get me out of the stand. I showed him were the doe was lying. He could tell I was upset and asked what was wrong. I told him I missed the biggest buck I had ever seen. Dad told me “we are going to look any way.” So we walked to where I thought the buck went and sure enough there was blood. We only walked about thirty yards and there he was, a huge eight point buck. I couldn’t wait to show everyone what I had

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