Personal Narrative Essay: My Love For The First Music Box

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We all have that one memory of a precious gift that can make your eyes brimmed with tears of joy, and make your heart abundant with love. That’s the kind of gift that my grandmother provided for me at the tender age of 11. Not only did I find what a music box really was; I also discovered a history of love from my grandmother. The past of my grandmother and grandfather and how they loved swaying to the sound of the “music box”.

The year 1998, I discovered my love for the first “music box” I had ever laid my eyes on. I had seen a late night infomercial for songs of the golden oldie 50 's. Although I should have been asleep, my eyes infatuate on this enormous, dark brown and oblong-shape box with outstretched sides. On the very top surface
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She told me to open the box to see what was in it “it was too heavy for her to lift it.” It was rather too small to be a jukebox. Slowly and very carefully, I opened the box and peered into the darkness of the box. I could not do anything but scream with joy. She told me it was not an actual jukebox, but it was a really commendable replica. It had a valorous yellow light in the front. In addition, the jukebox had a page flipper for songs. As a matter of fact, it had coined slots and buttons on the front. The buttons on the side actually turn on a radio; there was also a place you could slide your own personal music using a cassette tape. On the back of the jukebox, she put a prize possession of hers; it was the picture of her and my granddaddy. Emotions escaped from me into many different directions. First and foremost, my grandfather had died in a car crash before I was in this world. With that being said, I was never given the opportunity to know the love of my grandmother life. Secondly, I know how much that picture meant to my grandmother because I know how much she loved him. Lastly, I could not fathom at how she found me this jukebox , what she had to do to get it , or how hard she searched to find one for me right after …show more content…
After looking for it through several dusty boxes I finally found it. Consequently, when I finally found my “music box”, it was covered in thick dust particles. The antenna wire was loose from the bottom of the jukebox. The picture that my grandmother taped on the back of the jukebox was still intact with only a little tear. Words could not explain the overwhelming emotions that came over me as I traced my fingers over my jukebox. I scrubbed, rubbed and clean every each of it, until the silver shined like new. The glass was cleaned gently with vinegar and paper towels. I wiped down the glass until I got the streak free look I was aiming for. Hence, I could see the names of the old songs I loved in the background. I plugged it in and turn it on. The lights were dingy yellow color. After all, things considered, the exquisite sound of the music blaring from the speakers was as amazing as it had been in 1998. Ultimately, this was the most precious gift I had ever received in all my 30 years of

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