Personal Narrative Essay: My Life In The Hen House

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It’s almost like someone was wanting me to lose the competition. The fair was in four days and her feathers were everywhere in the hen house, but yet there was no blood to be seen. If someone this cruel is going to do this to me and my hen, they’ve got another thing coming. My morning routine was same as usual, get up, get dressed and go outside and feed animals. If you haven’t guessed, I live on a farm. One particular morning, I went outside and I look over to the hen house and they’re were feathers everywhere. But these feathers to me. They were the feathers of my show hen, the show hen I’ve won three years straight with. I rush over to the hen house, once I got there, I went inside and my life is now ruined. My hen Heather was gone. I …show more content…
“Hey Ash, what are you doing here?”
“This is my stepdads shop, he bought it a few weeks ago.”
“That’s really cool, is it going well or is it failing.” I snickered when I said the last part.
“It’s actually going really great, not as many people coming in as he would’ve hoped, but it’s working out. I’m only happy because I’m getting paid.” He spoke a little louder when he said he got paid. Ash has always been a friend of mine, but we aren’t that close, we just like to make small talk. We’ve been competing at the fair for three years, so I would never think it would be him that would’ve taken Heather because he’s never come close to winning.
“Hey Ash, have you heard anything about my hen? She went missing overnight.”
“No I haven’t, sorry to hear that. Was she stolen or did she just run off?”
“I’m not entirely sure yet, I’m still trying to find her. Let me know if you hear anything, OK?”
“Alright I will, make sure you find her before the fair, otherwise I might win!” He said the last part jokingly, but it still confused me why he said
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I try to take my mind off of it by making my poster for the fair. I have to make two, one for Heather and one for a different animal on my farm to take just in case I don’t find Heather. I’ll probably take Joe, he’s the best looking goat out of the five. My parents head to work and I’m left alone all day with nothing to do. After an hour or two of making my posters, I decide to go and get Joe ready for the fair. When I head out to the goat pen, I look over to the hen house, the fence door is open. I walk over and close the fence and make sure that all the hens are still there, 1..2..3..4..5, and the last one would be Heather. *CRUNCH* I look down and I stepped on an egg. I pick up the remains so no animals eat it. I go inside, wash my hands and my shoe. All of a sudden I realized that it was weird that I stepped on an egg on the outside of the hen house. I went back out to the hen house to see how it would’ve gotten there. Nothing, not a single thing would’ve been able to put it there. And it’s not like it could’ve walked away from the nest or something. After a while of looking around to see if I missed something around the hen house. I saw some footprints, but they weren’t footprints, they were paw prints. Fox prints to be more exact. I started freaking out thinking a fox or something else may have gotten Heather. I look around the farm again seeing if I missed something the first time like a hole or more

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