Personal Narrative Essay: My First True Friend !

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My First True Friend!!
The day I walked into my first day of third grade I was excited. I walked into the classroom there were a lot of people looking at me I sat down and my assigned seat,that is when i noticed that the girl who seats in the desk next to me she cheerleaders with me.That’s when i figured maybe this school wouldn’t be so bad after all.
The next day I was walking to recess I saw her playing jump rope. I ran to her and she recognized me . She dropped the jump rope to walk with me.We talked for a little until i wanted to go play 4- square.
A little bit later the bell rang ,we all had to run back to our classrooms before it was too late. I run into the classroom and take a seat, I have made just a little bit of friends...but not
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We walked around the playground for about 20 minutes we laughed and joked around.It was a pretty good day after all i though what is the worst that could happen.
I was walking home but then i realized i had forgot my art project.I ran as fast as i could to school and when the teachers weren't looking i ran down the hallways to get to my class .but, I heard giggling and footsteps i ran to my locker and got inside then i ducked down and sat quietly in my locker. I heard a lot of people's voices and i recognized all of them they were my friends.
I heard my name they were all saying very rude comments about me like this and i even heard my friend Aaliyah saying bad things too, after they left i ran home and cried and i actually thought that i had true friends.
I didn't want to go to school the next day.But I had to...My mother didn't fall for I'm sick act.I got ready for school,I went downstairs to eat breakfast grabbed my backpack and Brody my dog licked me and i walked to school.
I saw Aaliyah she waved at me and ran towards me,she tried to lean in for a hug but i pushed her away and started to walk again.
“What’s your problem??” Aaliyah
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“ I...Um...I’m sorry okay ...but it is kinda the truth like you-”
“ just because it is true doesn't mean you have to say it .. Ugh I can't believe you were ever my friend.” I said.
I didn't want to have the conversation with her anymore. So I left and ran into class. I ran to my seat and sat down and got a piece of paper out ,I was so mad I was almost like the color red. I wrote a vow before the beginning of school that if one person who has not become apart of my life. ThenI will leave it on there desk and I decided that person is Aaliyah. I got a big red marker and wrote Aaliyah ,While no one was looking I slipped inside of her desk.
A few minutes later she walked in she looked in her desk and she saw the note. She looked at me because she knows my handwriting,she opened and covered her mouth and started to cry softly. I could see the sadness in her face… But I really didn’t care anymore .from then on i knew that I need Real friends,Good friends,True friends. This was important for me to learn that not everyone will be in your life and the people who are make sure you treat them right. Everyone deserves to have A true

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