Personal Narrative Essay: My First Surprise Birthday Gift

It only took me eleven years to be actually surprised with a birthday gift. Only, the surprise gift was a whole party, not just a packaged gift. A gift which took me a couple of minutes to appreciate. My first surprise birthday party was completely unknown, well-orchestrated, and led me to why I make some of my choices.
I was an average 5th girl who signed up to be a maypole twirler for our annual All School’s Day Festival in May. Several of my classmates had also signed up, and we were finishing up with our last practice when I bumped into my least favorite girl, Michelle, also known as a drama queen. She had a severe tendency to exaggerate and create fake stories to boost her status among the huge class of fifteen. Michelle asked me what I was going to eat after practice while we waited for our parents to pick us up. I just replied to her by saying I was probably eating pizza since my birthday was this week and was able to choose for my family. She then said the words which foreshadowed the evening if I had only known, “I will probably eat pizza too.” I got hot and bothered and was thinking to myself; she will not steal my birthday thunder and eat at the same place as me! She didn’t say pizza trying to make me made, even
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As a gift, I received two kittens which one of them ended up being named 'Surprise.' How ironic. The evening revealed I was not only very good at surprising but also showed some personal details about my character. My immediate instinct when surprised was that the party couldn’t be for me. My brain told me it was for someone else. I still have that same mentality at times when I put others before myself. I was also crushed emotionally when I ‘thought’ I had ruined someone’s party. My reaction explains I get emotional pretty quickly but more importantly, I value others opinions of my decisions. I don’t like to upset others undeservingly and don’t like to ruin things for

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