Personal Narrative Essay: My First Journey To Pune City

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“Tu kothe jata ahesa”? Travel brokers inquired us as we reached to the sevagi nagar bus depot. Kalpesh More avoided them and took us directly into the station and checked for a bus leaving to Nashik. We got into a dusty but well seated bus and loaded are luggage on to the shelf. While relaxing till the bus leaves my mind started wondering in curiosity about my first journey out of Pune city.

It was a sudden invitation by Kalpesh to myself and eranda to participate in his cousin sister’s wedding held in Nashik on 28th December. Kalpesh More is a practicing lawyer with L.L.M and currently following M.A in Philosophy at pune University with Erandha.I found Kalpesh as a well knowledgeable and down-to-earth personality who reflects the words of
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As I’m trained in western ideology and practiced to judge people from their First impression, my Mind whispered to me saying “kalpesh’s uncle is a person of ordinary skills”. We sat for a small discussion, Uncles started the conversation with vey fluent English which astonished me at that instant. As we continued are “chat”, it became clear that he has being working for “Times of India” for couple of years and then became the General Manager of a Well reputed Automobile company in India. May be the discussion we had was small but it was strong enough to destabilize my perception about judging people from their appearance. All night my mind was taken away from this incident and started questioning the basic ideologies which I …show more content…
And in another part of the hall continuously dishes and sweets were prepared to ensure that none of the invites leaves the hall without good and happy wedding meal. Even though the meal provided was simple it provided me with a great happiness in the way they treat and greet each of the invites while serving the food.After enjoying the wedding ceremony at around 3.45 pm we three expressed are gratitude to family members and took are way back to nashik railway station.

It may be only a day that I spent there but the “exposure of reality” which I experienced was mind blowing and was strong enough to change some of my basic ideologies. In short this journey taught me:
• One’s appearance is not a proper measurement to judge or conclude about a person.
• The culture of a community provides an identity and a evidence for its rich history which should be preserved
• We need not to be the richest of all to enjoy the essence of happiness, but can be found it in simple acts if we are ready to accept them as sources of

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