Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day In School

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My first day at school was really difficult day and it was really hard. I attnded a school called, 14th Of July. I didn 't know anybody there. I was a first grader. My school was filled with boys and only about four girls. Their moms are teachers that teach at school so all their daughters and sons attended that school. Me and my sister used to attend that school because my mom used to be a teacher. My sister was a fourth grade student and I was a first grade student. My mom used to teach 4th grade over there. Every summer my mom gets us ready for our next year by teaching us the classes and the subject that we need to know for our new year. It was kind of boring that we didn 't get that much fun of a summer but we still got something out …show more content…
Made a friend named Dana Carr. Dana Carr, was a great friend, she moved from Washington to Boise Idaho. We had so much fun together, we hang out all the time together. Even better a little bit harder. Remember we played soccer, me and my friend I remember that that day was a cold rainy day. I asked my friend"Dana pass me the soccer ball ."As soon as she passed me the ball a player on the other team caught the ball, I tripped over and feel to the ground. Me and my friend started to laugh so hard that she fell on the ground too. Our school uniform got all wet. My favorite teacher that I had during elementary school was my 6th grade teacher. My 6th grade teacher was called Mr .Clapp, he was a great and a fun teacher. At the end of the year we had our sixth grade graduation. I loved it I invited my entire family to attend my graduation. I received many certificates, I was so happy of …show more content…
I attended the junior high. At first I was, I ask you that might not have perfect great but then I joined AVID. I felt like I am improving every year and getting better. My friend and I joined many sports, the two sports that we joined were volleyball and basketball. For our first month of school I received a student of the month for my English class. I was really happy. That year I received a B on my reading class, I was really upset with that I felt like I could 've gotten a better grade. That B helped me set a goal that I will never ha have a grade lower than a 90%. I started to turn all of my assignment in on time and started to study for every test. My 8th grade year was also a fun and a year where I kept all of my grades high. All of my teacher were very cool and

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