Personal Narrative: My Beach Memory

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The beach is different for everyone, different memories and feelings. My favorite memory is of the sun being replaces by the moon. This moment gave me a sense of calm in the storm that is my life. My mom was different, she loved to watch the sky erupt with warm colors as far as the eye can see. She loved life and everything beautiful so she cherished every morning she woke up. My dad and sister were the perfect median between my mom and me. They liked noon as it was when the place was erupted with sounds and smells. My dad said that the smell of sunscreen engulfed your senses. My sister used to complain about children screaming but I knew she secretly was fond of it.
This moment was what I waited for all year. The moment when the sun would fall into the sea as if saying “Today I shined for you, but I’m tired now. Goodbye.” It’s nice to look at my reflection in the water, the moon casting a ghostly image back at me. The hypnotizing motion of your image making me want to step closer, but the piercing coldness in my now wet feet had me stumbling back and regaining my composure. It was always so cold. The pressure and expectations, letting up as the feeling of being alone for once wraps its arms around me in almost an act of comfort. This moment, this moment right here and now makes up for all the “could
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Some find it relaxing while others thinks it is exhilarating. One thing that can be agreed on is that it can bring a family together. It leaves an impression in your memory. The feel of the ice cold water paired with the fiery sun. The taste of salt in the back of your throat. The scent of food and sunscreen mixed together, somehow complimenting each other. The sound of couples laughing and calling to each other. And finally, the beautiful sight of blissful smiles. These can be found at any time of the day, but it never loses its perfection. This is how I and the people I most care about view the

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