Personal Narrative Essay: My Father's Life

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On a nice cool summer morning my father came into my room and rumbled the top of my bed to wake me up, as I turned over he spoke softly, saying to get dressed we are going crabbing. I jumped out of my bed running over to my closet and throwing on a shirt and an old pair of shorts. I ran out of my room and banged on my brothers door to wake him up too. As I sprinted down the stairs I almost fell but I was able to keep my balance. My mother asked if I wanted to eat something before we left. I told her I was not hungry with the excitement of going crabbing. In the distance I can hear my dad calling for me that it was time to go. I ran outside and hopped into a gray lifted Ford F250. Shortly after my brother hopped in and off we went.

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As my father and brother unloaded a 10 foot green boat from the truck and put it in the lagoon, I jumped into the bed of the truck and grabbed a white five gallon bucket with the hand lines and the bait. My father called for me to get in the boat, as I ran over and jumped in the boat almost causing it to flip over, I looked over at my father he give me a look as to why would you jump into a boat like that. My father points over to a small creek in the marsh where the crabbing is good. We slowly rowed the boat over to the marsh and throw out a big square crab trap at the opening of the creek. We traveled a little further up the marsh, when my father said this looks like a good spot to start, so my brother and I started to bait the lines. We all throw out our lines and waited. We waited for about 5 minutes before we got our first bite. Then my father showed us how to slowly pull in the line so you don’t scare the crab away. When the crab gets closer, my father pulled out a fishing net and would use it to scoop the crabs up. My father then handed me the fishing net to catch the next one. I was a little nervous and my palms stated to sweat because I did not want to mess up on my first try and lose the …show more content…
I was so happy and surprised that I got it, I looked over to my father with a smile on his face of approval. We crabbed for a few hours till it became dark. On our way back we rowed over to the big square crab trap that we put out earlier. As we got closer I looked into the water a saw a baby shark which freaked me out and I yelled SHARK at the top of my lungs like I was in the movie Jaws. My father and brother laughed and said it was harmless and with a sly of relief I sat back down. I picked up the trap and we had 10 crabs in the trap with the 15 crabs we caught by lines that made a total of 25 crabs for the day, not bad for a day of crabbing. We loaded everything back in the truck and headed home. When we got home my mother was so happy with our catch that she cooked them up and we had a very nice family dinner

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