Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience Of Fear

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You know that feeling you get when you are terrified out of your mind? You know, the sweaty palms, like an elephant is sitting upon your chest, your eyes as big as golf balls, your brain saying, what are you thinking?! That exact feeling of fear is what I used to have until I learned a lesson I will remember for a lifetime. Fear can stand for one of two things; Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise.
We flashback to the summer of 2011. My family and I decided to begin our first of many cross country family road trips. On this particular year, we would trek to the happiest place on Earth, Disney World. At the time, little 10-year-old me began to tremble at the thought of one thing, roller coasters. They made me nervous even thinking
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Its track ascended into the sky for miles and its drop, straight as an arrow. All of the sudden I could not remember how to breath and I stood in the long line awaiting my end. The line itself made things so much worse for me. They decorated it with stuff people who live in the mountains have and they made up a story about a Yeti that terrified the people on the ride and how we should keep an eye out for him on the ride because he looked for fresh new meals constantly. The whole time I continued to freak out. My feet refused to move, my whole body began to shake, my hands felt sweaty for no reason, and my stomach felt like it fell down to my toes. I kept thinking, “What are you doing? This is insane and crazy. Why would you torture yourself like this?” I heard the screams of people on the ride echoing in my ear. Then, it came time and I found myself trapped inside the seat and squeezing my sister’s hand so hard her fingers began to turn a purple blue color. Then, we started moving and my life changed …show more content…
My blood started rushing through my veins faster than ever before. Every part of me tingled with little shocks, and I started smiling and laughing! That is when I realized that I actually loved the rollercoaster and the feeling it gave me, adrenaline. I kept thinking, “Why hadn’t I done this sooner?” I never wanted it to end. Then, it stopped and we exited the ride. To my surprise, I became filled with sadness at the thought of getting off. I sprinted off and begged my sister to ride it once more. She and the rest of my family just laughed at me and said, “I thought you hated roller coasters?” That is when I learned that I almost let fear hold me back from something that I now could not get enough of. I let my fear decide what I did and didn’t do. Then, I discovered that fears were just things we make up and those fears were meant to be conquered and faced, even if it scares you at

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