My Husband: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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The day I found out that I was going to be a mother my emotions were everywhere. I didn't know whether to cry ←or→ laugh. I was scared to tell the father ←and→ my family. In my mind I was thinking that I was not ready. I didn't want anybody to judge me, ←and→ I was afraid of being a single mother. At the time, I was in college I had two jobs ←and→ I had just bought a car ←and→ I was barely getting by. I also had a disagreement with one of my bosses at work ←and→ it resulted in me quitting one of my jobs. I had to move back home because I could not afford to be on my own with one job ←and→ a baby on the way. I had so many thoughts running through my head. My first thought is how am I going to support a baby with one job. How was I going to …show more content…
Those first couple of weeks were the hard on me. But after I started to get the hang of things ←and→ got into a routine, ←and→ my life got easier. I guess my motherly instinct kicked in because I could differentiate what each cry meant. I realized then there is a big difference between raising your own ←and→ assisting with someone else with their child. My son has changed me in so many ways. I don't resent my mother as much as much. My mothers not caring ways helped me be the person I forgave her for the way she made me feel ←and→ now we talk more than we ever have.
If it wasn't for my son teaching me how to love, I would probably still be mad at my mother. Now I look at the bigger picture whenever something is not going my way, I try to find something positive ←and→ try to make the best out of my situation. I am a better ←and→ more responsible person because of him, ←and→ I realize everything I do affects him. I can't go out the newest cell phone ←or→ spend a bunch of money on clothes like I use to. Now his needs come before mine ←and→ imperfectly fine with that. No matter what happens in my life, my child will always come first. My goal is to be the best mother I can be ←and→ give him all of the love ←and→ support he

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