Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience In My Life

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Life is an adventure and includes many feelings like regret, madness, happiness, sadness, and excited. Many people have different experiences in their life. Some of the experiences are remarkable, but some others are like a nightmare. Sometimes suddenly I remember about the past. I see some blurred pictures about my experiences and feel the event again and again. I feel something good or bad that depends on which experience I remember. All experiences help us to learn the life and to be ourselves. Experiences are learning. Sometimes experiences may change our expectation or beliefs. I have an experience that teaches me to be more honest to my family whatever and whenever. I learned the importance of being honest to my family whatever happens. When I was a teenager I wanted to have my own decisions without asking my family and sometimes did lie to them.
My story happened when I was a refresh college student. It was summer time and the swimming at the beach time already started. I lived in Istanbul that has many islands near it. Islands have sandy beaches and very clean sea. It was first days of a new summer season. Sea was getting warmer and I desired to go the beach. I always love June’s. It is the harbinger of my best season ‘summer’. I feel more
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Some of them were reading the book while they had the sunbath on the beach, some of them were building sand castles. I was still into the water. When I felt tired, I got closer to the beach and stand in the water. Suddenly I realised something dark into the water. What was it? It was bold and did not move. I could not recognise undefined object. It could not be a fish because of its big size. It was like a fat suitcase. I started to walk closer to the object into the water. Then I terrified and had frozen for a while. It was like a naked human body float face down, but could it be? No! No, no! I should be a misunderstanding! It might be a

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