Personal Narrative Essay: My Chocolate Chip Cooker

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Personal Narrative Essay
Let 's get straight to the point: Raise your hand if you don 't like warm, rich, ooey-gooey chocolate-chip cookies fresh out of the oven! If you don’t then you are a disservice to humanity, but hey, more for me. Chocolate chip cookies have been and always will be my favorite cookie. Even before I started cooking things from scratch, those bricks of Nestle® cookie-dough have always been a treasure in my life. Now, baking and culinary arts in general are my life. I live, eat, and breathe kitchen. I am an advanced baker-in-training, but back then I had just begun understanding the principles of cooking.
Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, I was the second oldest of two brothers, with three younger sisters. My father
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It creeps so hastily in my life, but flees just as fast, so I never know how many I have, or if when I’ll be able to receive the next cache of them. They are never there, yet I always find myself needing them. My life-force is drained trying to obtain them, yet when I do, I never feel fully satisfied. Ultimately the old saying “money burns a hole in your pocket” doesn’t even begin to cover my issue. I never had these pockets in the first place, seeing as money goes straight through my pant as soon as it comes in. Knowing this, I can’t always produce the goods I want to because of the limited funds. However, this along with my secluded, timid lifestyle has given me much free-time to develop methods, revamped recipes, and culinary creations similar to the work that a renowned low-budget film director would produce, except the presentation is in one’s mouth, not through their eyes. When I was younger, my parents would always shield me from anything they didn’t feel was appropriate. This meant other people, television, cultures, and even YouTube for a period of time. Not experiencing these different cultures and ethnicities had me missing a key aspect of life: enjoying other cultures’ foods. I became more familiar with takeout and buffets then authentic Chinese cuisine, because if there was one of those ‘witchcraft’ hand-waving cats in the front, you bet we weren’t going there. I began to …show more content…
In general, just seeing food makes me jovial. As a baker-in-training I can say that I truly take pride in my baked goods, as well as anything that is made by my hands. When others try my foods I get a leap of joy. Their smiles are my battery-fuel and their grins of satisfaction are that fully-charged buzz that lets me know I just did a good thing. I just love serving people. There are no words (that aren’t just synonyms) to express how I feel when I please someone other than blissful. Each and every second I’ve spent in the kitchen has given me a true passion for food. So much so that I have even come to enjoy dishes that I used to hate. When I was younger, spinach was my worst enemy. I would literally sit at the table for hours just to be forced to go to bed instead of eating it. Now I absolutely adore spinach: Spinach in salads, canned, in omelets, stuffed in foods, and most unusually; all by itself, with just a touch of Italian dressing. Look at these foods from a different angle, from the perspective that all foods “were created equal” helps me to appreciate the work put into them on a much greater scale. On top of all this, food is my ultimate stress ball. When I get into the kitchen, I am immediately relieved of all other worries, problems, and stresses; I become completely focused on the food. How does it taste? How does it look? Is it the proper

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