The Success Of A Personal Flight Device

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My biggest enemy in my life, bigger than my older brother best friend; who burnt a welt on my cheek for taking too long in the bathroom, is gravity. Couple days ago, during one of my numerous Personal Flight Device (PFD) tests, I was reaching a new apex with my current prototype: 7 inches off the ground, a perfect 90 degrees up, when the right exhaust gave out on me like an old pair of stilettos. The unstable engine sent me tumbling into the earth, turning me into a loose ferris wheel. Around this time, I unhinged myself from my backpack straps and landed on my back. Years of watching my stoic father limp round the trailer made me think that his sour joints were an act. I felt those years nearly instantly, on my back. Considering the man couldn 't shed a tear when my mother passed, says a lot about him. I wasn 't much a crier myself, but I shed what I had. She had fought a good fight. This being said, in the field behind …show more content…
She had dropped out of high school a couple weeks after her 18th birthday and was rooming with a friend. I told about the increasing success of my PFDs.
“What’s a PFD?”
“It’s a Personal Flight Device.”
“Like an airplane?” “No,’s like a jetpack.” “Wow.” “Yeah.” I shrugged at her underwhelming response. She took a sip of her water. After a couple dead end topics, I decided it was time to call it a night. She lived in the trailer park down the street from me, so before she left, I tried to plant one on her lips when she surprisingly pulled back from me. “What the fuck?” “Just sayin’ night.” “We’re in my boyfrie-” I looked up to the sound of a raspy voice, when I saw a sweaty bald guy rambling towards my Civic in a wife beater. “Jess? What the fuck are doing?” Raspy voice said. “I thought you were living with your friend.” “C’mon, I couldn’t let you down like that!” Raspy banged on my

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