Personal Narrative Essay: Loving My Mother And Father With All My Father

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What I remember from my childhood is loving my father with all my heart. My memory goes back all the way to my big house in Oaxaca Mexico. I was born in Chicago, IL but my parents took me there when I was only 2 years old. After my 3rd birthday, every year, my dad traveled from the U.S to Mexico to visit us for 2 months. Every time my dad came back, I had such a good time with him. I felt like I was my dad’s favorite, even though my mom said I wasn’t because parents love their child 's equally. I knew that when I wanted something I will go to my dad’s arms and cry out for it. But one day, that love turned into fear. When I turned 8 years-old, a big decision caused a domino effect in my life. I had to choose between living with my mom or my …show more content…
On May 19, 2005 was a “sad morning”, because it was raining, the wind was pretty chilly and everything was quiet in my town. Me and my 2 siblings, Mariela and William, were drinking some coffee and chocolate cookies my grandmother made for us. It wasn’t strange my parents weren’t there, because Dad told us that he have to talk “adult things” with my mom, so we left the house. Later on, my mom told us to go back in the house, when I saw her face she had a big red bruise in her left cheek and her eyes were also red, just like when you are about to cry but you hold it for some reason. Any of us wanted to ask what happen to her, but it was she who speak, “I need you guys to decide who are you going to live with, me and you father are going to separate” that was all she said. Instantly my older sister Mariela walked towards my mom and hug her, followed by my little brother William and I was literally standing between my mom and my dad. Like when a baby is starting to walk and mom and dad are standing in opposite ways calling their baby, and the baby will go to whoever have the best candy, well, that day I was that baby. After a couple of minutes my decision was made and I was walking towards my mom. The only thing I heard my father said was “don’t call me when you are hungry” and he walked away. I knew then that I had made the right …show more content…
Later, on the same day, my cousin Ruth came to my town to visit my grandparents and she was going to sleep over in my house. For what my sister Mariela told me, Dad was also going to stay only for that day. Evening came and so dinner at my grandparents house, but only my mom, my brother William and I went. Mariela and Ruth stayed home watching TV in my mom’s bedroom and my father was outside laying on a hamaca, he didn’t said a thing since that morning. Dinner went by so quickly and my mom and us arrived home an hour later. I said good night to my dad when I was passing by the corridor outside the house where he was laying on the hamaca. When we went inside the house, it was strange how dark and quiet it was. We found Mariela and Ruth under the covers of the bed. “What’s wrong?” my mom said, “It 's dad, he told us to turn off the TV” said Mariela. Then, my mom without hesitating turn the TV on again and 5 minutes later, my father was knocking at the bedroom window from the outside “I have said to turn off the TV!” Dad commanded “No!” my mom said. Suddenly my dad’s hands were hitting the window glass breaking it. I felt my mom’s hands taking me too the next room. By that time my father had already broke in the house. All I heard is William crying while I’m just staring how my dad was breaking the room’s door with his feet, and little pieces of wood and glass were flying everywhere. “Cassandra!”

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