Personal Narrative Essay: It's A Coldy Winter-Spring Day

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It’s a chilly winter-spring morning, March 26, 2014. I walk down the stone stairs and look out the glass door of my Bubbe and Zeddie’s house, and see the misty air, and the trees blowing slowly side to side. It reminds me of myself after I get off of a roller coaster at Knott 's Berry Farm. I smell the fresh scent of the morning in my nostrils. It cools them, though they are already cold, from the air conditioning. There’s a sense of calmness running through the atmosphere. I don’t know whether or not it’s because of the quietness, or natural light flowing around the walkway and around the house. I feel at peace.
I see my family gathering, and I join, in curiosity. I feel warm wearing my Hebrew Academy uniform. Rubbing my hands together, bringing
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She ate those eggs like they were the best tasting thing on the planet. Not for her. For you. I know, why am I not crying?
It’s up to you now, I tried, but you just have no feelings.
HEY! Not cool...…Not cool
Later in the morning at school, town hall is taking place. Everything as usual. Pledge to the flag, going over new activities, enrichment, special and wonderful awards. Then everyone gets dismissed, and all the elementary school kids are yelling while me and my best friend, Sima, walk out of the MPR as town hall comes to an end. Her brown curly hair bounces as she walks toward the door. “My great grandmother passed away last night.” I inform her. After that her mouth goes into a frown, like she got a 71% on a test.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” She shows me comfort as she talks, showing her blue and silver braces.
“I’m fine” I assure her. I do, I feel sad just talking about it I still wish I could cry, and then get comforted by her, and some of my other friends.
We get spit out as all the other kids walk out of the big room. That night of March 26, 2014 my Bubbe and I have a conversation in her bedroom. The lights were dim, and shadows filled the room all different shades of brown, and yellow. It was quiet, like when a movie just starts in the theater. Everyone gets really quiet. This was like
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“A skirt, and a blouse.” she says, not giving me any type of idea on her outfit. I was hoping she would continue, and describe it going into deeper detail. “What should I wear?” I ask continuing to try to stall. “ I think that we can figure it out tomorrow, it’s kinda late.” Well does that help me? No, no it

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