Personal Narrative Essay: It Could Have Been Me?

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It Could Have Been Me
There are many things I regret in my life that I have done at a young age because of negative peer pressure from people that I grew up with, people who I thought wanted what was best for me, family, ones who could have the same opportunities that I have now, but finally I received my wake-up call realizing that I wanted know part "I didn’t have heart for it" as he would say, in a joking manner. For my brother it wasn’t the case it was too late to turn back, it was too late to rewind time and change for the better.
"Devon, Devon....wake up," I said. "Not today, he replied." It’s amazing how you can sense something 's wrong by the look on a person 's face. The way they say their words in a way it scares you. He seemed
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I was young what would you expect? I wanted to know what he was doing, where he was going, & why couldn’t I go? I wouldn 't even bother him. Hours went by it was 2 a.m. you could hear the front door slowly cringe until it was silent. Looking out my doorway into the dark hallway I could hear him breathing heavy, pacing back and forth until I whispered Devon. He stopped in his tracks like I was ghost or someone after him. I then turned on the light and I saw him quickly put something behind his back. What 's that? "It 's nothing, Listen can you do me a favor? Sure, I replied. Stay right here, then he came back with a box in his hand, shaking. I knew something was wrong. Take this and don’t open it put it in your closet and leave it there he said threateningly. I was scared but after all this time I wanted to know what was going on? It was heavy, I shook the box left to right, something inside was rolling back and fourth hitting what sounded like, and I looked inside and there it was a gun and I couldn’t believe it, bullets! I held the box, jaw dropped. As I was examining the gun something didn’t seem right there was this red substance on both sides like someone was trying to wipe it away instead they smeared it into the crevices of the words Smith and Wesson. I fell to the floor with the box sitting in my lap. I couldn’t believe it so many things were running through my mind. How did he get this I know my …show more content…
What do you mean let 's go? "You’ve been saying you wanted to go with me now let 's go I need you to do something for me. Now here is where I really messed up. Some "on the block" would call this a set up. Now here we are at 2 a.m riding around until "flick", he cut the lights off and slowly started to proceed forward. "Look! Right there do you see? Right there! Listen carefully, take this, knock on that door two times, and walk away. Don 't run just walk normally as you would. You 'll be fine. In the back of my mind I was wondering what am I doing? I was overwhelmed from what I saw earlier so I just did it. It was like I didn’t have a care in the world. At that moment I just wanted all of this to be a dream. I felt as if something or someone was going to come out and snatch me. There were no lights, except for at that specific house I kept my eyes focused on it. It felt like I was walking into a dark tunnel that would never end. Finally, there I was standing in a daze. I walked up the steps and quickly laid the package on the doorstep. As I was walking away, I heard the door open and footsteps so heavy, so loud, I knew someone was watching me and then boom! The door

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