Personal Narrative Essay: If You Don T Call Home

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“If you don’t live for something, you will die for nothing” was a quote I had always heard as a child. I never really understood the true meaning of it until the day my mother said, “don’t call home from school today. I can not come get you.” I never called home because i was always doing fine at school. The only time I called my mom was when I missed the bus. For some reason, it felt as if something was going to happen, and I had to call home. I could not tell what it was, but I had a feeling something would happen when she said that. I thought that because usually it always does, your parents say don’t do this, but you end up doing it.
When I got to class, my stomach begun to feel painful. It was weird because my stomach never felt like
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As I waited, the pain began to get bigger. My stomach felt like I was stabbed multiple times. Lunch came, I tried to take a bite of my sandwich, but it was not possible. I felt a sign of weakness within my body. I began to drag myself. I continued to stay at school because my mom had told me she could not pick me up. Finally, I could not take it anymore. The pain just kept rising; I just wanted go home and rest. I asked my teacher for a pass to the nurse; she could tell I was in pain. When I got to the nurse, it started to hurt worse. I told the nurse that I was not feeling my best. She told me to have a seat in the chair by the window while she called my mom. I started worrying because I did not know how Mom would react. Would she be mad? Would she understand? I had all these thoughts in my head. The nurse told me my mom was on her way. My stomach began to hurt worse probably because I was so anxious about what my mom would say. My stepdad dismissed me from school. While I was in the truck, my stomach felt like …show more content…
I was scared because my mom and dad were going to leave me. They wasn 't allowed back. In this time i felt death arise above me. I remembered that saying everyone used to say. I wasn 't done living my life. I hadn 't lived for anything yet. I was still a child.I told my Mom and Dad that i loved them with all my heart and for them to never forget that. My mom began to cry and i began to cry. They pulled me in and i said which i had thought was my last goodbye. There was two surgeons in their a boy and a girl. They gave me medicine that would knock me out.They told me everything would be alright. I slowly began to fall asleep and after that i don 't remember

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