Personal Narrative Essay: I Was In A Toxic Relationship

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I was in a toxic relationship. The girl that I was with did not hurt me physically but with actions and words. She hurt me emotionally, made me doubt myself, and left me feeling that I was no good in a relationship. That I was just an annoyance, a bother, so when I got back to dating I would have gut wrenching anxiety when my girlfriend went to go and do something and did not tell me when we talked on Skype chat. I would fill myself with doubts that drove my stomach to turn and my heart to ache. I felt that I was always at fault, that I done something to offend her when I have not, apologizing and asking for forgiveness when it was not needed. All due to my self-doubt and the pain that I suffered from my past relationship.
It was a fear
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This event has helped me be able to deal with pressure or nerves when something unforeseen happens. I was able to stop having anxiety when I encounter my ex around school and by the time of next semester last year. I was able to go through my class that we happen to share together without getting anxiety or becoming worried that she may do something. This was a big turning point because I had issues and worries ever since two years ago and last school year because of how she hurt me, I was able to face it and move on. I still have my issues, some days I feel that I am no good in my current relationship and that I am not doing my best to make my girlfriend happy but I am able to gain confidence and move forward because of her support. I feel that I am getting better with each day, I am getting better in talking to people, interacting with them and that my quality of life has gone a bit up, enough that it has a positive effect on me. Any fears that I have I face them and move forward, even when with the days and time that I am drained, tired and I feel down and sad, I can just think and call back to this, this event that I went through my life and how I turn out for the better. That gives me power, strength to pick myself up when I feel down and tired, I can take a step forward and take control of my life and how it goes. I am able to deal with unexpected events and make something good of them, to be able to handle live and do the things that I want to do and how I want to live my life. To make myself happy and content with how I am living and how I take care of myself, to set

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