Personal Narrative Essay: I Never Going To New York

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Have you ever been to New York? Let me tell you, I never planned on going. The thought had never even crossed my mind. I’m a small town Iowa girl, what would I need to go to New York for? Have you ever seen those television shows where people find out that they have a “long lost family member”? Watching those shows I had always thought about just how fake that was. Coming from a family who is very close this is not something I ever would have to be caught up with, or so I thought.

It began as a normal day, well as normal as anyone could have in my house. I remember hearing the words; New York, Sheri, and sister come out of my mom’s mouth as her and my grandma were talking in the kitchen. Of course I was eavesdropping, like always, but at that moment all I was doing was trying to put in place the missing puzzle pieces. In my head it didn’t fit together. So I asked, and had a bit of a hard time
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It was definetely different than anything I had ever seen back in Iowa. My days in New York were packed with fun, days at the beach, at the cabana with Mary, and Danny (my aunts in laws), the city, learning somethings from a genious 5 year old, and tons of exploring. New York City has an atrocous smell. Rubber, metal, body odor everything you could possibly imagine but together. The smell wasn’t what my mind was on though. I got caught up with all spectacular things that happen in New York City. I experienced a restaurant where the waitresses sing and dance on the tables, the M&M factory and I was even able to ride in a horse drawn carriage through Central Park. I have been around horses my entire life, but this was different. I experienced horses in a completely different environment it was breathtaking. Sadly my time was cut short when hurricane Irene arrived with little to no notice. I was forced to say goodbye to Sheri, Larry, Erin, Emily, Caroline, Aiden, Mary, Danny, and

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