Personal Narrative Essay: I Believe In Honesty

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I Believe in Honesty Fear. Fear of getting in trouble. Fear of not knowing where he was. Fearful is the only word to describe the scenario. My mind is racing faster than my heart, I couldn't stay focused on one thought. All though there was one thought that continued to haunt my mind, the thought of “what is going on.” It was a standard night for a huge rival football game. After the lose of 31-35. I hung out with friends, as if it was any other friday night then go hangout with friends afterwards and have a fun time like we usually do. Except this night was completely different. My friends were drinking, and they were drinking a lot. They were uncontrollable. They slurred every word saying, “dude we are fine, we aren’t even drunk.” I let them keep drinking, I could’ve stopped them and should’ve stopped them. I felt like a babysitter; …show more content…
I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I arrived back at the house to see my other two friends lying in bed. I joined them, and asked, the repeating question of the night. “Where is he?”. I was wide awake from 1 A.M. to 4 A.M. when the worst alarm clock ever sounds. The sound of “get up, the police are here to ask a couple questions.” My heart was racing with fear, anxiety, and panic. I was greeted to Officers of the SJPD, names of Harp and Smith, Harp was a younger man, middle 20’s, and played the role of good cop. Smith was older, upper 40’s, and played the role of bad cop. We were asked our names, date of birth, and our parents number. We gave them all the information. I heard the ring on Officer Harp’s cell phone and I heard my dad’s voice. He came over to the house I was at and entered the room. I couldn’t bring myself to look him the eyes. I felt as if I am a disappointment. I was taken to my dad’s truck and he dorve me home. The whole car ride was dead silent, you could hear a pin drop. We pulled into my house’s driveway and walked to the garage

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