My Trip To College-Personal Narrative

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I can't believe I am already going to college, it seems like it was just last week I started high school. I got accepted to UCLA and I'm so happy because of it which means I am finally moving out. The only thing that sucks is that I get on a long flight from Pearland, Texas to Los Angeles.
As I finished packing everything I needed My mom yelled out for me to come outside. We put all of my suitcases in the trunk of the car and I said my final goodbyes to my younger siblings Ana and Jay. Mom and I got inside the car while dad stayed. We drove to the airport and after like thirty minutes we finally arrived. Before I could get on the flight my mother said
“Take care and you’re coming back for Christmas ok.”
“Ok mom I will.”
“Goodbye then.” she
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I called my mom to tell her I had arrived safely. After that I got a cab to the school. Once I was at the school, I paid the taxi driver and began to walk to where the dorms where at. Finally after walking around the halls I found my dorm room. Before I had actually got to my room, I accidentally bumped into somebody.
“Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”
“It’s ok, I was in A bit of a rush myself.” I said, wondering where I have seen this guy.
“Hey don’t I know you, you’re Linda de Luca right I am not sure if you remember me we used to go to the same middle school I’m Richard Lopez.”
“Yeah actually I do remember you well It was nice running into you but I have to go settle in.” I responded
“Nice seeing you, we should hang out
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As I tried to console her I felt very awkward seeing as this was the first time I seen her since I was in middle school. I always remembered her being so full of joy and seeing like this just made me feel even more sad and worried. Out of nowhere the doctor came to where we were at said told us that everything is going to be fine.
The next day I went to visit him again. Once I got there he was in the small room alone lying on the bed. He saw me and motioned me over. At that moment I realised how much he really meant to me and I got so overwhelmed I started to cry. At that moment he started to rub small gentle circles on my back.
“Linda please don’t cry, I don’t like seeing you cry.”
“I can’t help it you mean everything to me, I can't lose you.”
“I have something that will cheer you up.” he said with a smirk on his face.
“And that is.” I retorted
“I have liked you for a while now and I can tell you feel the same so, will you go out with me.”
“Yes I will that is the best thing that could happen to me.” I replied with a big smile on my

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