How My Life Changed

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Have you ever felt your life change in an instant? I have, and it helped make me who I am today. What I’ve learned in my teen years is that you 're going to have to make yourself happy. I experienced pain I thought I would never get through. I would always use the word ‘Hope’ to help me get through the roughest days; when I was missing the whole family aspect others have. My father, Alexander and my mother Fiona were involved in their children’s activities. My family always did things like a family should: watch movies, be around each other, play games, and even eat dinners together. It was a great feeling, but then my parents got a divorce 5 years ago. They were always in a war with each other. It was getting too tense with everyone. Finally …show more content…
I was at my mom’s house during the week and went to dad’s house over the weekend. I started wanting to please each parent, but found it nearly impossible to do so for a period of time. In other words, I learned to tell my parents what I thought they wanted to hear. This was to avoid extended conflict. Throughout, my childhood I was taught to avoid conflict at all cost,and this started to make my life unhappy. Stress was becoming a huge part of my life. I wouldn’t get the correct amount of sleep I needed because I was worrying all the time. I truly thought I was doing the right thing by my parents. I had a talk with both of my parents and they understood why I said the things I had said. I found out the only way to be happy was to reduce the stress and to tell the truth at almost any cost.
To reduce the stress I needed extra-curricular activities; I knew I had to figure out myself because my family couldn’t define me; I needed to do what was right for myself. Here I discovered my love for music. I joined the band in school and started to take up many instruments with my grandfather. With my love of music I was able to keep my focus away from the stress and what was going on with everything. I could drown myself in the music I was learning; I started to find my

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