Personal Narrative Essay: How I Changed My Life

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As a child I was introduced to many people that have impacted my life significantly. Whether it was positive or negative it still taught me valuable lessons. Furthermore there was a fair amount of issues that have caused problems throughout my life, resulting in me spending quite some time by myself. However this hasn't affected my goals and decision to be someone in life. Provided that i had a high expectations of me, i have and will always continue to do good in school and keep my reputation clean. For this reason I strive to stay true to me and staying away from the wrong crowd.
I am the youngest female in a family of ten, but I am not the youngest child. Similar to how sandra cisneros was the girl in a family of six sons. (Paragraph 1
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In similar fashion to how Cisneros did everything based of impressing her father (paragraph 7 line 1). Majority of the time I had outstanding grades, I behaved respectfully in public, I was neat, and dressed well. However I remember the time I was in the fourth grade and my teacher sent me home with a note. I had a few D’s on the pink slip, the bus ride home I cried. I was feared getting in trouble so my first reaction was to hide it on my pillow case. This worked for a couple of months until that one day. My neighbor came and picked me up, which I thought was strange. when I walked into my god mom's house she turned to me and said “you know what you did right.” Then we left to my dad's where I not only got a two hour lecture but also a whopping and was grounded for months. The worst part is when my father told me he was disappointed and that I lost his …show more content…
My best friends moms boyfriend did not like me, so every time he saw me he would address me as “White Devil.” The other event would be there was a man living in the house that no one liked. He was another reason my family is so distant. He would argue/almost fought my siblings, never cleaned, and used us for money. Once we moved to section 8 he barely stayed over. The same problems still occurred but this time it was more calm. For awhile it was just me and my sister until the summer came when my mother moved once again without us knowing. Finally we moved to mobile alabama which lead us to where i am now. My parents didn't like blount so i had to transferred to citronelle where i spent a semester at. Unfortunately we had to switch schools again to Blount High School which wasn't all that bad. I plan to go to college and start my own cosmetic company. I plan to have a big family and raise my kids the way I want to . I have an almost squeaky clean record and i hope to keep it that

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