Personal Narrative Essay: Going To A Trip To Michigan Adventures

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I couldn’t believe it, my family and I were finally going on a trip to Michigan Adventures. I was so excited, it was only one month ago that my dad gave me and my brother the decision to either go to Michigan Adventures as a family or to have both our birthdays on the same day as we normally did every year with presents and cake. My brother and I came to a decision to go to Michigan Adventures, who wouldn’t want to go to an amazing amusement park, considering we had never been to one before in our lives.
We were finally getting packed up and in the car, my brother and I were literally bouncing with excitement. My dad had thought that we would fall asleep within the first 30 minutes because we had to wake up at 7:00 am and start heading
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After my dad had agreed to let me, I spent the next 10 minutes after that trying to convince my older brother to ride it with me. He said no, so I had my dad ride it with me. Dad turned to me “This is going to be interesting”, he told me with a smirk. It was all just a huge roller coaster with giant bumps that you went over and zoomed back down repeatedly. The first bump was the largest, the maximum height of 500 feet! The ride to the top was so slow, and it made me more anxious and nervous the closer it got. We were finally at the top and everything below me looked tiny, I was a bit frightened to be completely honest. Then it went down, and I could have sworn my soul left my body at that point, it was so scary, it felt like my stomach was trying to escape and to this day I still think I left my stomach somewhere back …show more content…
The most memorable waterslide was the funnel of doom, and in my opinion, it looked more like a giant toilet, which it kinda was. We got into line, and the line was so long, we had to wait for like, 30 minutes just to get onto the ride. When we finally got onto it, we were all placed in a tube with four seats. I was so excited, we started off in a tube slipping and sliding through it until we abruptly dropped off into the funnel, I almost screamed at that abrupt drop because it caught me off guard. That wasn’t even the scariest part though, the scariest part was the funnel because you zoom out of the tube at full speed, nothing slowing you down, and go so far up the sides that it feels like you are gonna rear backwards and tip over, then just when you think you are going to tip, you start flying backwards and up the other side. That repeats for a few seconds then you are shooting out of the end of it and into a small pool where a guy takes your

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