Personal Narrative: My Year In High School

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“Time to wake up, my senior!” said my mother. I thought this would be another first day of school, but this day would change my life forever. It was the first day of my senior year. I had awaited this day since I could remember. After getting dressed, I got into my vehicle to see old and new faces.
When I arrived, I felt a sigh of relief, “My last first day of school”. I was greeted by some teachers and a couple of friends. We walked to the library, where we were required to get our class schedule. Everyone complained because we already knew when and where to go. Into my first period I went, where I was greeted a syllabus. “Now I have to buy a backpack”, I uttered. I had the mindset that there would be no need for a back pack because it was senior year. Yeah, I was wrong.
As the weeks went by, I was greeted with
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Confidence, respect, and time management is what every senior probably learns. But not me, my life lessons are a lot deeper.
One thing I learned in high school is that I should always be myself, even if it doesn 't make me the most popular person in the world. “It 's easy to completely change just to impress others, but harder to live with yourself when you don 't like the changes you 've made”, is what I have always said to myself.
However, the most important thing I learned in high school was that you can 't change the past, but you can improve the future. I think the most important thing I learned was to take the experiences I have and use them toward the future. It gave me ambition and passion to become the best version of myself I could possibly be. While I am not happy with the decisions I forced myself to make or who I really even was for much of the time, I probably wouldn 't be who I am right now without that experience.
I’m grateful that I used my senior year to learn about myself. I would not trade any of it because it has made me the person I have

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