Personal Narrative Essay: Exhilarating Vacation In My Life

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The exhilarating vacation started with a spontaneous idea from my grandparents. My grandparents are in their sixties, have a kind personality, and are religious. It is quite rare for our gigantic Gjovik Family, consisting of thirty-one people, to go on a long, beautiful vacation together. Normally, a vacation would only be a couple nights in a hotel in Minnesota or nearby to Minnesota. However, my Grandpa and Grandma Gjovik were celebrating fifty well spent years together in marriage, along with my parents and a couple of my aunts and uncles who were all celebrating twenty-five committed years together in marriage. My parents are in their forties, religious and hard workers. My grandparent’s idea was to fly all thirty-one members of the …show more content…
We instantly ran down to the ocean. This was probably not really smart because it was pitch dark, and all you could see and hear was the smacking lips of the waves.
The first morning in Puerto Rico I woke up to the crashing of waves and the smell of salt water. The first day consisted of trying to body surf on the waves and renting rental cars. The entire day the temperature was in the eighties, with the sun blazing our skin red hot. That night, falling asleep was not easy with all the adrenaline beaming through my body. I made sure to keep my door open so I could hear the crashing, slashing and smacking of the waves, as it helped me to sleep very well.
The next day, our whole family decided we were going to check out a bigger beach that was nearby. The beach we checked out produced huge well formed waves. There were surfers all over the water, and they were quite good at surfing. However, there was a sign that said, “for locals only”. We made sure to leave because we didn’t want to cause any trouble. Further down on that beach we found a spot where we could body surf. The waves ate my brother Hunter up, almost drowning him and my dad, who was trying to rescue him. That was when a surfer sprinted to rescue Hunter and my dad. That incident ended our fun at the beach that
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Steps Beach is known for its clear water, and was great for snorkeling. While snorkeling, I inspected a school of fish, obviously I did not know what kind of fish they were. All I know is that all the fish were brightly colored. There were all colors of the rainbow under the surface of the water. My cousin even spotted a stingray further out from shore.
The week whisked by extremely fast, and before we knew it, we were already on our last morning in Puerto Rico. The last morning was by far the best morning , because there were two whales swimming side by side . One minute you could see their fins up in the air, the next minute you could see their bellies. I have never seen a whale, and so to see one the last morning we were there was exciting.
All thirty-one of us flew out of San Juan to Minneapolis. I slept pretty much the entire way back. When we arrived, we unloaded from the plane , and we all found our luggage. Once we all found our luggage, we took the shuttle passenger van back to the hotel and said our good-byes to each other. I enjoyed the presence of my family, therefore it was hard to say goodbye, but it is never really goodbye. Family will always be there for you. There will always be another time. The family trip we took really opened up my eyes to see how valuable family time is. The family trip will always be

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