Personal Narrative Essay: Enjoy Every Moment '

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Enjoy Every Moment
I woke up with a phone call from my mom, and the news I got shocked me. And made me appreciate each day with my family. We arrived at Chipotle, where my dad was dropping me off to meet my softball team. I grabbed my overnight bag, and my dad walked through the glass door. I saw my couch and his daughter along with my teammate Caitlin. I sat down next to them and so did my dad. As we waited for the rest of the team something didn't seem right my dad wasn't acting like himself. I assumed that he was tired. Soon all the girls had shown up, and we were ready to head off to the Mavericks game. I hugged my dad goodbye and headed to the game. As soon as we got there the team ran up to the suit my couch had trying to get the best
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I jump out of bed looking and my phone it was my mom. Why is she calling me already? Is everything alright? I thought. I quickly picked up the phone.
“Hello,” I said tiredly.
“Emma, your dad is in the hospital they don't know what is wrong with him. Be ready I'm coming to get you,” she stated.
I had so many questions. Is he ok? What happened to him? How long has he been there? I got ready in a rush and headed into the living room to tell the news to Alena’s mom. Then there was a knock at the door it was my mom. We didn't have time to explain all the details, but I had to leave. So I said my goodbyes to them and left. On the way to the hospital, I tried to relax and prepare myself for what was to come. In the back of my mind, I thought of all the worst things that could have happened to my Dad. After what felt like hours we finally got to the hospital. I ran out of the car and into the hospital following my mom into my dad’s room. Walking slowly through the doorway I saw my dad, but he was hooked up to IVs and oxygen. He looked horrible.
“We found out that your dad has pancreatitis,” explained the man who I assumed was the
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I didn't know what to do. I saw my dad starting to fall asleep, so I knew that it was time to leave. Three days past and all I could do was worry about Dad. We visited the hospital again and my Dad wasn't getting any better. On top of getting pancreatitis, he had also gotten pneumonia. I was scared I knew that he was only getting worse, and there was nothing I could do to help him. After two days Dad was getting better, and the doctor said that he could possibly get released tomorrow. This was the best news ever! The next day Dad was getting released from the hospital I couldn't have been happier. This experience made me appreciate each day with my family

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