Agent-Hiring Vs Home Selling

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Timing is Everything, especially in selling homes. Spring and summer make for a perfect time to sell your home when the kids break from school and the weather is just perfect for moving. If you're planning to sell your home, read on.

1. Make the decision to sell. To sell or not to sell, that is the question. Know why you want to sell, explore your financial options, brace yourself and step forward.

2. DIY-Selling Vs Agent-Hiring. As the adage goes, "Home selling is part art, part science, part marketing,& part negotiation." Licensed realtors are trained to do this. They will save you from a myriad of paper works and numerous rhetorical appeals. Find an agent who puts the clients' interest at the top of their list and a tech-savvy who is
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Staging Your Home. If you love to watch home-makeover shows, this is the part you will enjoy the most as you make your home buyer-magnet:

Fixes & repairs. Make your home move-in-ready: replace light bulbs, repaint walls, oil hinges, re-grout tiles, replace door or cabinet handles, check plumbing/ roofing/ heating system/storm windows/smoke detectors, etc.

Declutter, Depersonalize, & Organize. Clear your home of sentimental stuff; let buyers visualize themselves living in your house. But, leave traces of human existence; that monogrammed cushion or stack of books make a house a home. Keep your closets organized and tidy, buyers will snoop. Don't forget to remove medicines and pills! You can organize a garage sale & donate what's left afterward.

Clean, clean, clean. Vacuum the carpet, wash the drapes, clean the screens, molds and mildew, & pet hair.

Decorate. Use neutral colored towels, curtains and beddings to accentuate the newly painted walls. Transform that vintage luggage into a décor & put it at the corner or greet buyers with that abstract painting hanged by the foyer. These items leave a mark to your buyers that will haunt them in their sleep or keep them awake all night. Use simple and non-denominational

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