Personal Narrative: My Opportunity

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Tremaine Knox Knox 1
Mrs. Chapman
English 1301
11 OCT 17
Another Opportunity

It at began as a dream that quickly turn into the most adventurous and most satisfying experiences I had ever had experience up to this point in my life. I was going to enlist to serve my country proudly, I was going to learn true ways of U.S Army soldier. I had no idea of what the advantages of my life I have had the opportunity to take an advantage of. The greatest sacrifice I had made to raise my right hand, gave me the opportunity to meet my best friend, compete in the Olympic trial and travel to different locations around the world.

From all the people I have met in the world I haven’t laughed and enjoyed myself around anyone else besides Hamilton
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I began to realize that God had a different agenda for me. I was given the chance to compete in All-Army boxing team, with hopes to making it to the Olympics and Olympics Trials. I took this opportunity and ran with it and didn’t look back. I started having competitions like every two weeks, my frame was almost like a God. I was so ripped from losing all the weight that my body started to change. After Nationals, and winning most of my fights I got invited to compete in the Olympic Trials. I almost passed out when My Coach was giving me the details. It was going to be one of the hardest things I had to do In my life, and something I was ready to have with my life on the line if need be to be the …show more content…
I don’t really like traveling but when I do I try to make the best of it. I been to Brazil and what people say about Brazil is true. Amazing women and great food. I went to Alaska and getting the extra $1000 being a resident didn’t seem all too bad, just the snow wasn’t too friendly most of the time. If you like Wizard of Oz, I been there too. Good old’ Kansas. Not really much to say other than this place is horrible, but if you like outdoors and fishing this is your place to be. My last destination when I got back dome Korea was the “The Great Place”. Texas. This place had been okay. I am not a big fan of the heat but made myself at home for the time being.

There is a whole lot more I can I say about my experiences, I would’ve never thought I would get these opportunities to do any or the things God had be in the position to try. Being in the U.S Army and raising my right hand, not only was I sworn a duty. I was going to meet my best- friend, compete in the Olympic Trials, and see some of the world. These were the golden opportunities that would change my life

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