Personal Narrative Essay: An Unexpected Change

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An Unexpected Change It was 11:30 on a Friday night and I was heading home with my girlfriend after the last football game I would ever play. As I sped down the dimly lit streets of Dana Point, a burst of excitement rushed through me. Today was my eighteenth birthday and I could not have been happier. We rolled our windows down and I felt the cold ocean air in my lungs. What could go wrong on such a relaxing evening? I came to a halt at a red light. As I waited to go left, I rubbed my eyes and pushed the sweaty hair out of my face. I gazed at the empty street, the eerie fog of the night sent a chill up my spine. I sleepily stared at the light until finally it flashed green. I excitedly gripped my steering wheel and pushed the cold shifter …show more content…
I would have panic attacks at random moments of the day and my fingers were constantly gnawed and bloody from the constant anxiety I felt. My stomach ached furiously. I started to grow extremely angry and isolated. My loss of trust made me feel as if everyone was betraying me. My friends, my girlfriend, and my family. I would sit at the edge of my bed, motionless and unresponsive as my girlfriend would fearfully try to get me to speak. I hated Rick and I wanted nothing to do with him. However, the situation only worsened. This man was now going to be a part of my family …show more content…
A wedding is a time of happiness and the celebration of love and prosperity. For me, it was the exact opposite. It was the moment where the entire structure of my family was becoming altered and I had no control over it. This man was now going to be at my graduations, family events and most likely anything that involved my mom. One factor motivated me to go their wedding. I couldn’t bear to think of my mom with not a single one of her children by her side. I could hear the pain in her voice as she begged me to go. She told me that the only thing she wanted at the time was to see my face at her wedding. Those last words repeated in my head as I put on a dress shirt and left. The cold night brought many uncomfortable situations After exchanging hollow and fake smiles to all the unfamiliar faces that were now becoming my “family”, I sat down with my mom and told her that the only reason I was here was to put a smile on her face. During the wedding, I sat in the front row holding back anger and sadness. He was going to be in my life whether I liked it or not. I didn’t realize it at the time that this signified one of the greatest changes in my

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