Personal Narrative Essay About Football

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It was Sunday morning, the sun was shinning, the birds were chirping and it was gameday for the Browns. I thought to myself another day for them to lose and hopped on my xbox to talk to my friends about the browns. It felt like we were only talking for ten minutes but i looked at the clock and it was on five minutes until the game started. I told my friends i will catch them on after the game and rushed downstairs to where my dad had his feet kicked up on the couch looking like he was ready for the game to start. I sat next to him and asked do you think they will win he said hopefully. Finally, after waiting for what felt like hours the commercials to passed by, the camera scanned the whole field of the special teams players from both teams …show more content…
The Browns looked good the first half they were up 14 to 10. Once halftime was over they just fell off. My dad was furious on how they were playing. Every game he told me what they were doing wrong and why the plays they ran were horrible. Listening to my dad he sounded like he knew a lot about football and I wondered how. After the Browns had lost my dad was still mad because of the idiotic plays and defence that they ran. I asked him how did he know so much about football then he told me a lot of stories of when he used to play for John Hay high school. When he told me these stories it made me think, if my dad could do it I can to. I told my dad i wanted to play football and he signed me up right away.

It was the first day of football practice, I was so excited to finally see how it feels to be a football player. I played for a team called the Sims Raiders. When I arrived at the
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It was raining for most of the day but when i got to the field it had just stopped raining however it was still kind of gloomy. This day was the day that had changed me as a person and the way i play football the equipment finally came in. I had my dad help me put on my equipment because it was like my first time trying to tie my shoes, i didn't know what i was doing. I was so excited to hit the field with equipment finally on. We did our usual stretches and exercises, then i see the coaches pull out a big blue cylinder shaped thing with tape around it and pulled it over his shoulder, it kind of looked like a big bean bag. As he got closer the other coaches explained to us how to tackle and how to do the drill. After he showed us how to tackle, we lined up to actually do the drill. I was watching other people do the drill and to me they were looking ok but once the got up from hitting the tackling dummy the coaches would yell at them on what they should do next time. When i got to the front i got down in my three point stance and as soon as i heard the whistle blow i sprung right up, put my head down and wrapped the tackling dummy up and hit the ground hard as dirt flew into my mouth. When i got up the coach was yelling at me about putting my head up or i'm going to get hurt. Not only did the coach yell at me but i got the feeling knocked out of my right arm. Once all that happened i

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