Family Fishing Research Paper

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Everyone has a memorable experience in their life hood, for me it was when my father took me and my family fishing. It all begin on a Saturday morning my father had spent all week gathering supplies that we needed in order for us to use such as fishing rods, and lures. On that morning, my brother and I began by getting everything on to the truck that we would use to go fishing, while my father was calling his friend in order for us to fish on his ranch that was just outside from Denton county, and my mother was preparing lunch for us. Once we all finish preparing everything for the trip we began to head down the road on my father’s truck. It was going to be an hour drive tours my father friend’s ranch. While we drove down the road and left …show more content…
We saw a bizarre animal we had never seen before. The animal stood five feet tall, and had the look of a bull it was no less than a buffalo. This was an animal that dint exist in our country of Mexico. Since for years bison had been taken out by the people of our country and only a few still live there. I was amazed to finally see one since the only time that I saw one was when my father had taken us shopping in Cabela’s, but now I’m able to see one alive. Continuing down the road we finally saw the pond, this was no ordinary pond this pond was like a lake, so big that probably you could fit two football fields and the water was so clear that you could see the bottom of the pond. Once we finally pulled over near the pond we began to take everything that that we had taken with us, and finally started fishing. While we were fishing my brother had caught something on his fourth cast, and what do you know the first thing that he pulled out of the water was no less than largemouth bass. Just a few minutes pass by when suddenly my father as well caught a largemouth on his fishing line. As my father and my brother continue to fish they were catching one after another. I started to fill unease since nothing would bite on my lure, and as my sorrow for being unable to get anything grew. I decided to switch on a different strategy so I began to walk tour a different spot on the pond, and move to a grassy area near the water bank just a few steps from where we had pulled over with the truck. On my first, second, third, fourth and fifth cast I stroke nothing, and began to fill unease again, but it dint stop me because just when I thought it was hopeless for me on that tenth cast, “bam” something had caught up on my line. As I began to retrieve my line from the water something appears out of the water at first, I thought I caught a crocodile but when I took it out, and given a closer look at

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